Thinks he’s in control. Always has an eye on the time. Would like too have a gavel to bang, but has to make do with tapping his pen. His most used phrase is “Can we get on please?”

Tabitha Hughes


Is the only club member not on e-mail and is proud of it. Often makes sarcastic jokes.

David Beeby 


Younger man. Always has his head in his wonderful laptop but always lags behind people with diaries and paper pads. Especially frustrated when Joe comes up with answers faster than him. He is the proud maintainer of the club’s web site and is always suggesting things could be published there.

Lucca Chadwick- Patel


Overworked. Has to remind everyone of everything. Has to bridge gap between modern communication and Joe.

Is hosting this meeting at her home. Keeps offering tea and cakes and wants to show off the souvenirs and tell stories from her travels to Jane.

Lara Hancox 


Also organising an incoming group visit from Houston Texas.

Jackson Hayes


Keeps reminding people (s)he has to leave early, yet (s)he is often the cause of the delays, and even arrived late to the meeting.

Pippa Greenhalgh


Just joined FF. Is very keen and wants to learn about the club.

Liv Newhouse