Betrayal by Harold Pinter was presented at Z Arts, Hulme, Manchester on 2nd August 2014 after an intensive one week rehearsal period.

The play was very well received and went on to be awarded a 4* review! Presented by special agreement with Samuel French LTD.

Pinter, the master craftsman, has excelled himself with this exquisite play. It is simple, sad and funny. Full of insight into the human psyche there is not a line which does not express desire, regret, rage, love or passion.

Voted one of the greatest British plays of all time, “Betrayal” tells the story of an affair.

Jerry is a literary agent; Emma runs an art gallery; Robert is a publisher. Emma and Robert are married and Jerry is Robert’s best friend, but Emma and Jerry have had a seven-year affair. The play opens with Emma and Jerry meeting for lunch in 1977, two years after the affair has finished and by a brilliant device the relationship of the three is traced backwards nine years to the evening when it all began. First presented at the National Theatre in 1978.


Ryan Clarke Jerry
Rachel Isbister Emma
Ryan Hall Robert
Dillon Burgess The Waiter


Dillon Burgess Backstage
Aidan Burgess Backstage
Joe Meighan Director