The production was performed at Sale Waterside Arts Centre from 3rd - 5th August 2017.

Presented by kind permission of MusicScope and Stage Musicals Limited of New York.

Ensemble / Cut Dancers / One Dancers / Characters from the past / Broadway Producers / Stage Managers

Pippa Greenhalgh
Sasha Carrillo de Albornoz
Rebecca Hanley
Natalie Bainbridge
Holly Gibson
Evie Headford
Emma Wilcox
Hannah Weiner
Chloe Chesworth
Breanna Bradshaw
Belle Parr
Annie Stedman

Luke Robinson
David Beeby
Ben Hanley
Aidan Burgess
Alfie Hibbert

Named Roles

Alan Deluca (Al) Joe Foster
Bobby Mills Liam Gartland
Paul San Marco Lucca Chadwick- Patel
Richie Walters Owen Bolton
Don Kerr Sam Berrie
Mark Anthony Tom Kehoe
Mike Costa Rhys Nuttall
Greg Gardener Mason Thomas
Zach Chris Wagstaff
Laurie Emily Snook
Cassie Ferguson Ciara- Alex Booker
Connie Wong Olivia Beall
Bebe Benzenheimer Tara Kitson
Diana Morales Eve Rowan
Judy Turner Caroline Featherstone
Kristine Urich Olivia Newhouse
Maggie Winslow Sara Nelson
Sheila Bryant Ameila Atherton
Val Clark Niamh Mulvihill

Creative Team

Joseph Meighan Director
Neil G Bennett Musical Director
Faye Etherington Choreographer
Paul Downham Stage Manager
Lewis Downham Assistant Stage Manager
Tabitha Hughes and Val Watkinson Deputy Stage Managers
Lewis and Neil Downham Stage Assistance